Find yourself fearing a meeting at work?

Maybe you were caught on the spot by a question in the past, maybe something or someone made you feel intimidated in the past.. and all of a sudden this regular meeting in your diary is causing you huge anxiety. You do your utmost to avoid it wherever possible, you feel dread hours before the meeting and imagine all sorts of negative outcomes throughout the meeting. After the meeting you spend ages analysing your behaviours and beating yourself up about the things you did or didn’t do.

If you are wondering what has got into you, give yourself a break - you are certainly not alone. The above situation is very common, and is suffered by people at all levels of business. This is a reflection of a cycle of negative thinking, which prompts an emotional reaction, which then prompts a physical response.  Maybe you blush, or sweat, or your voice cracks. All of this just perpetuates the cycle, making it even worse by the next time the meeting comes around.  

It is also a very easy cycle to break with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.