What’s so wrong with being a perfectionist?

Being a perfectionist is often used as a badge of honour and something to feel proud about. Having high standards for ourselves can at times work well, pushing us to achieve great things. But more often than not, there are huge costs to imposing such high (and often impossible) standards on ourselves. These include:

- constant anxiety and self-criticism that you are not good enough
- an ever-present fear of making a mistake
- being guided by a series of ‘I should do this’ and ‘I must do this’ rather than being led by things that make you happy

This very black and white way of looking at the world means that you have either done well if you have met your exacting standards, or you have failed miserably. The perfectionist allows no grey area. They constantly judge their worth as a person on their performance which often leaves the perfectionist with the belief that they are not an acceptable person and sends their self-esteem into a further downward spiral.

Being a perfectionist can affect relationships, happiness and stress levels, your ability to be in the present moment, learn from mistakes and reach your full potential.

If you recognise yourself in any of the above, I can help you to navigate your way to a happier, more flexible, confident and positive you.