Reducing alcohol intake

Most people like a drink or two on occasion. For some people though, what can begin as the odd glass of wine in the evening, once the kids are in bed, can often turn into half a bottle every night. Or, maybe every social occasion involves drinking.  Or, maybe where a night out is on offer, they are unable to find a stop button.  Much of the time people drink too much simply without really thinking about it, or having much awareness of the quantities they are consuming in a week.  

But - excessive alcohol intake most definitely takes its toll.  It affects everything from your sleep quality, through your focus and mental capacity, your mood, your digestion, your looks and right the way down to your general feelings of control over your life. 

Should you be drinking less? A good place to start is by monitoring the amount that you are drinking. Drink aware has a great app to help you do so

If you feel it is time to start drinking less, I can help. It’s a habit that has likely taken a while to form, but it can much more quickly be broken.  I offer a raft of techniques for helping you to develop the willpower, overcome mental barriers and form a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Kate MayorComment