Why can't I lose weight?

Many people have spent their lives yo-yoing between diets and trying all manner of exercise plans in order to reach their desired weight. Some of these might work for a short time.. but more often than not, the weight comes back and your motivation and confidence take a plunge. You beat yourself up, feeling like you will never be able to reach your ideal weight and be in control again.

But what many people don’t consider is changing the thoughts behind their eating habits, which have led to them needing quick comfort, which they have found in food. These thoughts might come about because life is stressful and eating has become their way of ‘looking after themselves’ or it might be because something triggers their feelings of unhappiness, or lack of confidence and they find themselves reaching for something to eat (usually chocolate or crisps). This quickly leads to habits and behaviours which build a pattern of need and comfort which is hard to break.

The work that I do focuses on all the aspects that will help clients to overcome their particular situation, which may include: helping clients manage cravings, not feeling they are denying themselves, to begin to view themselves as their future slim and in control selves, to strengthen their resolve and motivation as well as strengthening their self-belief that they can do this alongside building their general confidence levels.

Through the work we do, clients are able to identify the thoughts and feelings that occur when they have the desire to eat. Once identified, we work to remove these and replace them with something that better serves them. The end result is not only a slimmer client, but a much happier one too!

Kate MayorComment