• Do you spend excessive time analysing the way you are acting?

  • Do you worry about what other people might think of you?

  • Are you anxious in social situations?

  • Do you long to be more assertive?

Low confidence can have a major impact on how you live your life. Sometimes the idea of a business meeting, an evening with friends or even venturing beyond our front door can seem beyond our capabilities.

I have a wide range of powerful techniques to build your confidence and assertiveness which I tailor to your needs and goals. After one session with me clients report feeling positive and upbeat about themselves.

We often tell ourselves horrible, negative and untrue things about ourselves which remain stuck in our subconscious. These thoughts are completely automatic - one look in the mirror, or sight of ‘that’ meeting in your diary at work and - bam! - there it is again. These thoughts can be quieted and in time removed all together. The treatment I provide challenges and removes these negative thoughts, replacing them with rational and more positive beliefs, which in turn affect your feelings and behaviours, and strongly boost your confidence.


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