• Do you believe that you may never become pregnant?

  • Are you finding the monthly cycle of building your hopes followed by the crushing disappointment upsetting and exhausting?

  • Maybe you are having IVF and finding the stress and pressure just too much.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can help.

You may have spent most of your life trying not to get pregnant, believing it could happen in a flash, and then here you are trying and nothing is happening, month after month. Its an exhausting and distressing time. It can feel like you are completely out of control, like your body is betraying you and like you are letting yourself and everyone around you down.

The mind has a very powerful influence on the body. You only have to look at research investigating the placebo affect to understand how strong its impact is. During sessions with some clients, we were able to identify core negative beliefs that were stopping them from becoming pregnant (such as ‘I will never be a good Mum’ or ‘Getting pregnant will mean the end of all fun in my life’, which they had absolutely no awareness of. We were then able to replace these core beliefs with something far more positive.

Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of all the negative thinking which can completely bog you down and start feeling positive about yourself and the process again. Just a single session can help you to believe that you can get pregnant and that this is all possible.


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