Do you have a habit which you find annoying or embarrassing?

I love working on habit breaking because I enjoy seeing my clients experience such quick and powerful results.

Bad habits typically form to provide some comfort as the body manages emotional or physical stress and anxiety. Some of the most common habits are biting nails, picking skin and pulling hair. These habits can develop at any stage in life and often can be traced back as far as childhood. Other habits such as procrastination and chronic negative self-talk are examples of bad habits that do emotional harm and damage self-esteem.

I offer a two hour session based on proven techniques with a strong success rate. Research has shown that the technique I use leads to an average reduction in habit frequency of 90% after just one week (Nunn & Azrin, 1977), rising to 99.5% after 6 months (Chambliss et al, 1998).

Get in touch and lets have you kicking that habit for good!


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