• Do you make everything better after a hard day with sugary treats?

  • Do you find yourself having ‘just one more’ and then another, and another?

  • Fed up of living your life on diets that just don’t work for you?

Hypnotherapy combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you to make permanent changes to your eating habits.

Research carried out by Kirsch (1996) showed greatly improved outcomes for weight loss, when CBT was combined with hypnosis rather than CBT alone. And in 78% of people studied, the weight loss effect had increased when reviewed again months after treatment.

We will begin with a consultation, where we work to understand your eating habits. This is key to making real change. The consultation will enable us to uncover the subconscious emotional reasons for your over-eating or comfort eating. The habits often develop as a result of stress and anxiety. And you may well have been telling yourself some pretty negative things about yourself and your body, which we will identify and change using highly effective Cognitive Behavioural techniques. Then we will work on the feelings and behaviours which are likely deeply ingrained and are stopping you from being able to lose weight. I will also use hypnosis to deeply embed and reinforce these changes. You will be able to take hypnosis recordings home to support our sessions which will enable you to fit into that lovely outfit at the back of your wardrobe much faster!

A greater understanding of what's at work at the moments when you reach for more food or the wrong foods, self-mastery and hypnosis can give you the greatest possible chance of overcoming the old thinking and feelings which govern your behaviours. Let’s get you back to the slender and vivacious you again!

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