Do you find yourself constantly shouting at your children?

Do you wish you were a more confident parent?

Do you feel anxiety or worry affect your ability to enjoy being a parent?

Being a parent is the hardest job. It involves extensive skills in negotiation, creativity, patience, discipline and organisation as well as endless amounts of energy to get everything done and keep little minds entertained. And of course it is a job that never stops.

As a result, most parents suffer some amount of worry and stress. But, if you find that you feel anxious or worry about events and stimuli that are everyday and need not cause anxiety or that you are feeling anger a lot of the time, then it may be time to seek some help.

I help many struggling parents to completely turn around their way of thinking, feeling and acting with their children so that they are able to feel relaxed, confident and enjoy time with their children.

Often, we will find that there are some deeply held beliefs which are triggering the anxiety and anger which might be for example: ‘I am an awful mum’ or ‘I can’t cope’. When situations trigger these automatic thoughts, your body responds by feeling anxious/angry/hurt or fear which governs the way that you behave in that situation. The work that I do identifies those deeply held beliefs and works to replace them with something far more positive, enabling you to reach a state of strength and confidence.

I know how devastating and crippling suffering with anxiety and anger can be. I can help you to feel calm, happy and in control of things again.


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