Dan, Edinburgh

I was in a really low place when I came to see Kate. Within 1 session I felt hopeful for the first time in ages and after 4 sessions I had managed to totally transform my whole way of thinking about life.

Sophie, Edinburgh

I had a fear of flying since my twenties so haven’t taken a flight for 10 years. I was starting to become scared of being in cars as well. Kate really helped me to turn that around and I flew off for my honeymoon just a month ago!

Kate, Edinburgh

My session with Kate really clarified everything for me. I feel more clear and focused than I have done in ages and now understand all the ways I had been going wrong!

Amanda, London (via skype)

Absolutely fantastic! You got right down to my core fear which was very raw! You had real empathy and openness. Thank you!

Neela, Edinburgh

Insightful and you really challenged my thinking.

Ingrid, Edinburgh

Kate was very empathetic and supportive and calm

Benn, Edinburgh

Very powerful technique wonderfully delivered. Really love your empathy and compassion.