Exam nerves and anxiety

Exam time is here again!

Exams are for some incredibly high stress situations.  It can feel like your whole future is riding on the few hours sitting in that seat, where you must perform to the very best of your ability.  Maybe you had a bad experience in the past with an exam where your mind went blank or you answered the wrong question, which had made you very anxious about exams.  Maybe you feel very alone with the weight of all the pressure that is bearing on you and have begun to catastrophise everything and believe that you will be a failure.

This is the time of year when I help lots of clients to feel positive and in control when going into exams.  The difference just one session makes is incredible.  I help clients to relax again, to visualise themselves performing well in an exam, to see the black and white thinking they are often doing for what it is, and to start to be kinder to themselves, viewing themselves in a much more positive light.   If you are struggling, then please get in touch. I would love to help.

Kate MayorComment